Thunderation! - I get timeouts when trying to upload files!

For ordinary internet connections this should not happen. There are two known issues where a timeout may / will occur.

  1. You connected through a proxy server which blocks or limits your connection. 
    Solution: Please try connect to a network with direct internet access.
  2. You do have a VERY slow connection (<5 kbit / sec). The reason is that our server need to handle your upload requests. We do split larger uploads in 5 MB packages. For every package a secure connection between your computer and our server is open. Such a session has a lifetime of max. 30 minutes. So if your connection is too slow to transfer 5MB within half an our you will receive a timeout.
    Solution: Please try to connect to a faster network.
    Workaround: Selecting multiple files will cause several of them to be transferred in parallel. Using a slow connection please consider only selecting one file at a time.

If a timeout occurs and none of the two reasons is true, please reach our to our support team.

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