Gadsbudlikins! - I do not receive upload notifications!

We don't send upload notifications right after the file was submitted by the uploading users. A 5-10 minutes delay will occur as of the following two reasons:

  1. We will only send a notification once the transfer into your target cloud storage is confirmed. Depending on the current traffic on our side this may take a few moments.
  2. We aggregate messages on our end to reduce the number of emails our users get. After each upload we wait 5 min for more uploads to come in. If that is not the case, we send out a notification email with recently uploaded files. Note that we actually wait until the files are delivered and available in your cloud.

If you never receive an email or have huge delays (more than an hour after your file actually arrived already) of course please get in touch with us.

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    I'm having the same problem and I already have sent three answered tickets :(

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    J Dickinson

    We have recently seen a 9 day delay for the confirmation email!

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    No emails being received.  Please do something about this.  There should not be a greater then 5 minute delay.  If you have a problem paying for your email service, please raise your prices so we can have a reliable system. So far, we have been extremely disappointed with Cloudwok service and responsiveness.



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    I fear CloudWok is dying. No replies on support requests and there's a number of problems with their interface that's not being addressed.

    I'll bet there's people who would love to buy a business and customer base like this. I wish they'd respond or something...?

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