How to re-process failed uploads

Right after a user uploaded a file we will transfer the file to your cloud storage. Normally this works smoothly but once in a while a problem may occur. For the most times an upload cannot be transmitted to your cloud because:

  • You ran out of quota
  • There is a problem with the connection to your cloud

Any time you receive an upload notification but the files do not appear in your cloud we recommend to check on this list of possible reasons for the failed upload.

Once you found out what the problem was and fixed the situation (e.g. topped up your quota or refreshed your cloud connection) you may now try to re-process the failed uploads.

In order start re-processing any file please access the log of the wok for which the upload(s) failed (how to check on the log). For any failed upload the log shows a "Retry upload" button.

Click the button and we will re-attempt to transmit the file to your cloud storage.

Depending on the current upload volume this may take a few minutes. After the re-attempt your log will show updated information.

We temporarily store failed uploads in a secured and encrypted storage location. We will keep the file there for a 5 day period after a failed upload attempt and remove them after that period. Please make sure you check on your failed uploads shortly after you noticed them not to be delivered.

Enhancement: One of our next enhancements will be to automatically trigger email notifications for failed uploads to help you getting aware of the situation.


Please also note that this feature provides only a failure recovery mechanism. You should always make sure to have enough quota remaining on your account. The recovery works for most failure cases but we cannot guarantee file backups to be available under all circumstances 

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