Change your credit card

In case you would like to change your credit card, here is a quick explanation on how to do this. We're planning to develop a dedicated feature for this soon, but this workaround will work perfectly fine:

  1. Go to your user account ( From the available premium plans /at the bottom of the page) select any other premium plan.
    No worries you won't finish the upgrading process. It's just the place where you can change your card right now.
  2. The payment process will open. Proceed to the second tab for the "Payment Method". You'll be able to see your current card(s) in there.
  3. Add your new credit card at the left side of the window. Adding the card will add it as your new default card.
  4. Once the card it listed and the "default" switch in front of the new card is active you can leave the payment process. The card is switched to the new one, of course cancelling the payment will not cause any upgrade/payment to be triggered.


For confirmation you are very welcome to drop me another quick message ( I'll double-check if the card is available and all is set up correctly.

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