Organize files: Renaming & Subfolders

CloudWok lets you automatically organize uploaded files by the name of the uploader

Organize your files by uploader name

When a file is uploaded and the uploader enters her/his name, you can either automatically let CloudWok prefix the filename with the uploader's name or move it into a newly created subfolder.

How does it work?

You can enable the (1) file renaming or (2) subfolder creation by going to your CloudWok dashboard at Select the "Action" dropdown menu of your wok and click on "Modify".


Filename shows uploader

The default value is "OFF" which means that the file name is not changed and no subfolders are created. If you select "Filename shows uploader" you can prefix the file name with the uploader's name.

Subfolder for each uploader

If you select "Subfolder for each uploader", then a all files will be uploaded into a subfolder with the name of the uploader. The subfolder feature is currently only available for Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3.



In case files are set to be visible, visitors will also be able to browse through the subfolders. This is quite a new feature available for Dropbox, Google Drive and As all service require us to handle the integration quite differently please let us know in case something is not working as you'd expect it it. We'll constantly work on improving the upload page (and download area).

Google Drive is managing files by IDs and not by their real names Drive. They provide functions to find folders with the same name but unfortunately they are not 100% reliable. This is why you may from time to time see duplicate folders with the same names in case you are using the Subfolder rule in Drive. Dropbox and Box are fine though.

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