How to Subscribe to a Wok?

Subscribing to a Wok
(Owners: To activate subscriptions for your Wok please scroll down)

What is it?

You are a group of users who would like to collect files. Each user uses a different Cloud Storage?

There is a CloudWok used to collect files in somebodys Cloud and you are interested in receiving the same files in your own Cloud Storage?

Connect many diffenerent Cloud Storages and
collaborate accross the boundaries of a single Cloud.

Subscribe to a Wok and you will receive copies of all uploads in your own Cloud Storage!


What are some use cases?

  • All of you would like to collect and receive holiday/wedding/birthday pictures but you're not using the same Cloud Storage (or do not want to go through a tiring discussion on which service to use)
  • You are distributing some content on your webpage and you'd like to allow everyone to receive the content in their own Cloud Storage
  • Many people in your company or project are interested in receiving the same files
  • You would like to collect files from many different sources in one location (subscribe to may Woks in parrallel)
  • Create backups in different Cloud Storages
  • ...


How does it work?

A CloudWok let's anyone upload directly into a folder in your Cloud that is connected to the Wok. By subscribing you connect one of your own CloudWoks to the Wok you are interested in.
Thereby all uploads will be transfered to the original but also to the subscribed Woks and the related folders in each user's individual Cloud Stroage.

Please also be aware that currently all subscribtions need to be confirmed by the owner of a wok. By subscribing you'll request the subscription, after the owner grated access you'll receive a confirmation email.


Step-by-step manual

You will be subcribing to a Wok with one of your own CloudWoks. So please create an own CloudWok first with which you'll receive your copies (you need to be a CloudWok user to do this).

For all CloudWoks where "Subscribing" is allowed you'll see a big "Subscribe to Content" button (if you don't see the button but you'd like to subscribe to this Wok please ask the owner to allow subscriptions).

Click the button and a window opens which will allow you to select the Wok you'll be subscribing with and click "Subscribe!"

The owner will now receive a subscription request. After the owner confirmes your request you'll get an approval email. From then on, you'll receive copies of all uploads with your subscribed Wok in the folder connected to the Wok. 


Managing Subscriptions

In the "Subscribe" Menu of every Wok you may

  • Enable this Wok for subscribtions
  • Confirm or revoke subscriptions to your Wok
  • Cancel subscriptions (in case you have subscription to another Wok)

Enable Subscriptions

In order to allow other users to subscribe to your Wok you need to activate the Allow Subscribing to this CloudWok setting at the top of page. Don't forget to Save the changed setting.

At the moment we only allow 1-level-subscriptions. That means if your Wok already subscribed to another Wok, you cannot activate Subscribing for your Wok anymore.


Confirm / Revoke Subscriptions (Owner)

After a user subscribed to your Wok you will need to confirm his subscription. In the "My Subscibers" area you need to press the Confirm button.

Clicking Unsubscribe will revoke access for confirmed subscriptions. No more copies of uploads will be sent to your former subscriber.


Cancel Subscriptions (Subscriber)

In case you do not want to receive copies of a Wok anymore, just Unsubscribe from the Wok in the "This Wok is Subscribed to" area.



The following emails will be sent within the subscription process:

  • Subscription Request (to owner)
  • Subscription Confirmation (to subscriber)
  • Subscription Denial (owner revoked subscription)
  • Subscription Canellation (subscriber unsubscribed)
  • Upload Notification (for all uploads every wok will receive notifications for each upload in case a notification email address is provided).



The current version of the Wok Subscriptions is a first beta version. We do not expect any errors in handling uploads, but during the test phase we'd like you to give us feedback on what additional features would help you.

We got many ideas to improve our first beta subsequently and we'll take your feedback as a guidance for the important things to do first.


Have fun subscribing to Woks and connecting your Cloud Storages!

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