Jeez Louise! - Seems like the connection to my cloud does not work.

You see files being accepted but not transfered to your cloud (the log of your wok is a good place to verify on this) or you received an email indicating that files were uploaded but they do not appear in your cloud? Let's fix this.


Where to check?

The overview of all connected Your Cloud Storages.


Is there really something wrong?

For any of the connections you may just use the "? test token" button. Just click it and

everything is ok with the connection if the button shows:

there is something wrong if the button shows: 


What to do if there is something wrong?

Please refresh the related connection using the "Refresh" button. You will be asked again to grant the relevant permissions for us to place files in the refrerring cloud. After re-newing the connection please run another token test (previous step).

If the test is positive you are all save again and everything will continue to work.

For a negative test please drop us a message to right away. In case your connection does not work unfortunately there is no way for us to transmit the files into your cloud. This may result in uploaded files not to be transferred to you and your uploading users to transmit them again once the connection is restablished.

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