CloudWok and Dropbox File Requests

This article should provide an honest comparison for CloudWok and the new Dropbox file requests.

How do file requests work?

Dropbox file requests provide an out of the box solution for any Dropbox user to receive files from anyone.

While creating a file request you specify what you are requesting and where the folder the files should get stored in. You’ll receive a URL which has just a bit more than 50 characters, the ID itself has 20 characters.

Clicking the link people may upload into your Drobox. It is mandatory to leave your full name and email address. After an successful upload sender and requester receive an email-confirmation.


CloudWok as well as Dropbox requests allow you to collect files in your Dropbox without uploaders requiring an Dropbox account.

Both services also collect information to see who uploaded which files. Dropbox changes the file name including the uploaders name. CloudWok gives you a detailed upload log for visits and uploads.

Restrictions with Dropbox file requests

  1. Uploaders need to provide their names and email address. There is no way to upload files without requesting personal details from the uploaders that will be stored with Dropbox. On the other hand in case uploaders would like to leave additional information on the uploads, there is no possibility for that.
  2. Using Dropbox files request uploaders can only send files. Uploaders cannot view already uploaded files – as you maybe would like to do e.g. when collecting holiday pictures from all friends. So it allows collecting only but no sharing.
  3. Everyone who gets hold of your link will be able to send you whatever they want. There are cases where such public links are just what you want, but there is no way to secure and protect your link from unwanted access and uploads.
  4. Dropbox file request offer one single way to collect files – it either suits your demand or it does not. There are no settings, no customizations. There is no  embedding into your own site or alternative ways uploaders may send you files.
  5. There is no possibility to embed Dropbox file requests in your own homepage.

When to use Dropbox file requests

You are looking for a lean and free way of collecting files from potentially anyone. Those people do not mind to leave their contact details with Dropbox.

When to use CloudWok

Well, I don’t want to fool anyone. The problems I described above aren’t just there because they are downsides of file requests. For all of those items CloudWok already offers a solution.


But we did not do this because of Dropbox files requests but because when offering EntourageBox before we did not stop collecting your feedback. Thinking carefully about a file upload solution suiting many demands. We then invented CloudWok and are providing a more flexible and less restricting service than Dropbox file requests.

Eventually Dropbox file requests only work for Dropbox. So in case you’d also like to receive files in other cloud storages CloudWok offers a real solution.

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