Paying more for data transfer than for storage?

CloudWok works in combination with cloud storages. All providers do offer premium plans with large storage space.

Usually the cost for cloud data storage is just about $10 for 1TB of storage. So why does CloudWok charge more money for transferring data even though we are not storing anything?


The answer is:

In the online world it is very cheap to store something on one of a million harddiscs somewhere in a huge data center. But to transfer the data from a PC anywhere in the world through different servers and networks up to this data center is a lot more difficult

Therefore our infrastructure cost are highly influenced by the cost related to transferring data. Transferring data is simply more expensive than to store them (depending on the service 4-8 times more expensive, e.g. Amazon S3 or iCloud). In addition we provide servers all arround the world accepting and processing your uploads, whereas data storage happens (basically) in a data center in one location.


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