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What is Extra Quota?

With any free or premium account you receive a certain amount of quota per month. Once this quota is consumed no more uploads can be processed and additional quota needs to be purchased.

"Extra Quota" represents additional quota that can be consumed once your monthly quota is used up. E.g. you have a free account and your 50MB monthly quota (or your largerpremium quota) is gone. Then the extra quota comes in handy, as it will allow you to receive additional uploads without upgrading your subscription.


What will I get?

For certain activities you may apply for extra quota. Currently you will receive extra quota when you

  • Invite friends                                                                1000MB (each)
    (invite as many friends as you like and receive
    1GB for everyone who registered using your invitation)
  • Like our Facebook page                               receive 500MB extra quota
    (one time only)
  • Post a positive feedback on Facebook                    500MB
    (max. 5 times/year)
  • Follow us on Twitter                                                   500MB
    (one time only)
  • Leave a positive Tweet on Twitter                             500MB
    (max. 5 times/year)
  • Write an a blog article describing your case          2000MB (each)
    (min 200 words, has to include a backlink to CloudWok, max 5 times/year)


How can I claim extra quota?

Extra Quota for invitations is granted automatically after your friend successfully registered.

For any other (social) activity:
Every user account has a an "Extra Quota" tab on which you can apply for extra quota. Just select the activity you performed and leave the following details that will allow us to verify the legitimacy of your request:

  1. What activity did you perform (Facebook Like, Twitter Follow,...)?
  2. A Link to your account or post/tweet
  3. Upload a screenshot of your like/follow/post/tweet
    This is needed as for many users the privacy settings (for some good reasons) only show your information e.g. to your Facebook friends. So we wouldn't be able to check on your likes or posts.

The Extra Quota for those activities is not added automatically after your social media activity, make sure you send us your request and we'll process it asap - the better the details in the steps above the faster we can release it. Please also send an separate request for any of your activities.

The "Extra Quota" tab will also show you your remaining extra quota. On the "Your CloudWok" overview the quota will always show the overall quota for your account.


How long will the extra quota be valid?

Once your monthly quota is consumed the extra quota gets consumed for further data transfers. The Extra Quota is single use only (it will not be renewed at the end of the month). So the extra quota is valid until it is fully consumed.

In addition to this the Extra Quota has a validity of 12 months. This means after one year un-used Extra Quota is removed automatically. Of course the time is counted individually for every granted extra quota claim.

Even though there is no plan to do this we reserve the right to retract Extra Quota at any moment in time e.g.
- after directly un-following / un-liking our page right after we grated the referring extra quota
- registering with multiple users for the same name or email address 

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