How to reserve a custom URL name for your Wok? -

Please note that this feature is available only for subscribers of a premium plan.


Custom name

You can give your CloudWok link a custom name and URL. Just access the "Customize" menu of your Wok and enter the desired name:

Just try whatever name you like and the system will indicate if it's still available.

In this example the custom name is Austraila2015, but it could be anything from 
AndreaAndMarkWedding to ZeppelinPartsCatalogue.

Pick whatever name and link is most memorable for your friends, relatives or clients.


Custom URL

Once you saved the Custom URL all links for your individual name are updated. You can see and copy the links on the "Share" menu:

Copy the link from here and spread it with all relevant people. You can use the name for the regular and whitelabel link, but also the email upload with the custom email address works.


As stated above custom names a premium features. Upgrading to any priority plan will allow you so pick custom names for your links.
After your subscription ends the custom name will be released again. This will not happen immediately but 30 days after your premium subscription ended. So in case your project continues and you'd like to use the custom name a little longer there is some buffer time for you to upgrade again.
After the custom name got released again you can still upload to the Wok / folder. The custom changes of your link are just reverted and the regular ID for the link is used again (check on the Share menu for the link).

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