How to redeem a coupon

In case you reveived a coupon you can easily redeem it during an upgrade of your account.

Go to your user account and from the bottom of the account summary select the premium plan you would like to upgrade to:

Continue entering the required data (Billing Address as well as your Payment Method). On the Checkout Summary you can then redeem the coupon you received:

The coupon value will be subtracted from the total amount.

Coupons with fixed amount: Please note that coupons with a fixed amount are bound to a currency. So a EUR coupon will not work for a payment e.g. USD.

Coupons with a fixed amount are also restricted to a duration of one month. So using a fixed amount coupon (e.g. $5) on an annual silver wok will give you the maximum discount for one month of the subscription - $4 in for the annual siver wok.

% - coupons: Not dependant on a currency. Just apply them to a monthly or an annual subscription.


Please get in touch with us in case you are having problems redeeming a coupon.

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