Can you please walk me through the transition in detail?

Sure. Let me give you some detailed explanation on what will happen when, from where you can access your EntourageBox data and how both tools are related.


Enlighten me again what I purchased at

So you wanted to receive some files from a group of people directly in your cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive,...). Therefore you created a URL in EntourageBox which links to a folder in your Cloud Storage. Any uploads through that URL (from the related upload site) are transferred directly into the folder in your cloud storage.

(premium users only)
In order to receive more then the free 100MB test quota of a single URL you have upgraded one or several URLs individually with an additional 5GB transfer quota.


How long will I be able to access

Till June 26th


Where do I find my EntourageBox data after June 26th?

All your data - so URLs and their quota - will be available in CloudWok. You do not need to pay again for what you've already paid!

To put it in very simple words: What you are currently accessing at will just be available at:

On this page you just need to connect with your cloud storages once again and all your URLs and quota will be loaded.


To make accessing your data more comfortable!

You can always click the link above. You do not need an account with CloudWok to do this. However memorising / bookmarking this link might be quite a hassle.

A more comfortable way to get access is to create a free CloudWok account. Then you can enable your EntourageBoxes to be shown in your profile. So you may easily access "Your EntouageBoxes" just by opening your user profile on and the tab for Your Entouageboxes will be right there:


For how long will the EntourageBox URLs and quota be valid?

Here nothing has changed. Your URLs will never expire and always be available for anyone to access. The quota you purchased will also remain just as long until it is consumed. If you do not consume your quota, it will live on forever...

However once the quota is eventually consumed, you will no more be able to purchase additional quota for EntourageBox URLs. Future URLs should therefore be created with CloudWok.

There may be a reason why you need to keep an EntourageBox URL alive and you have to allow further uploads also after the quota is consumed. If this is the case please get in touch with us. We can help you to keep the old URL also with a new CloudWok.


Why should I continue using CloudWok? Why is it any better than EntourageBox?

This is a very important question!

We've created a separate and more detailed answer for this, so please have a look at the "What is the major difference between CloudWok and Entrouagebox?" article.


Can't you convert my EntourageBox account into a CloudWok account?

The way EntourageBox and CloudWok work from a business model is different.

In EntourageBox you were able to create single URLs and then upgrade them individually. An upgrade meant, that you top up the quota of the single URL. This caused problems when you needed to have may URLs, change them or accidentially deleted them. This meant you lost your upgrade of the single URL.

In CloudWok we introduced a proper profile and user management. So in CloudWok you upgrade your user and all of your URLs benefit from the premium features and (unless you manually restrict this) share the quota of your entire user. 

Both systems therefore work different and it's not easy to convert the one model into the other. In the following I wrote down ...


Our recommendation on how/when to switch from EnoutageBox to CloudWok with the least amount of stress/cost and still getting most out of it:

Something you may do right now:

  1. Get yourself a free CloudWok user.
    Using the link you received in the "EntourageBox becomes CloudWok" mail you can even very quickly create a free monthly Silver account giving you free 10GB of quota and access to all CloudWok features.
  2. Once you have an account click on the EntourageBoxes within CloudWok link:
    and your account automatically enables the EntouageBoxes to be shown in your profile.
  3. Use your free trial month a little bit to check out the new features and possibilities in CloudWok.

Now you have the minimum setting to continue using (or not using) EntourageBox and/or CloduWok forever. It will not cost you anything.
If you do not need our service for some time it will just hibernate (and after the trial month you'll fall back to the free user).

4. Continue using EntourageBox:

  • As long as you have quota with the EntourageBox URL(s) keep sending them. Use up all the quota you purchased for the EntourageBox URLs.
  • If you like the additional features of CloudWok a lot then create a new URL and send the CloudWok URL.

5. Transition to CloudWok:

  • Once you consumed all your EntourageBox quota start creating new URLs with CloudWok. As written in the benefits article CloudWok allows you to create as many URLs as you like and all of them will benefit from upgrading your user.
    So just pick whatever plan seems right for you and enjoy all the features CloudWok has to offer.







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