How to see who uploaded what?

Here are some suggestions on how to achieve the highest degree of transparency in your project:

  1. Attach the Uploader Name to the uploaded file. After switching on the "Uploader in Filename" feature all your Uploaders need to enter their name when uploading a file. Their name is then added to the filename. Files can now easily be sorted by the uploader in your file explorer. Therefore it's easy to say who uploaded what.

  2. Receive a personalized upload notification with names and a message from your uploader. In case you activate the message feature in your wok settings any uploader may provide their name, email address and attach a personal message.
    The information along with a list of the files uploaded by this uploader is included in the upload notification. So by those emails you may verify who uploaded what file and get back to the uploader if necessary.
    In case it was provided the uploader information will also be shown in the Log and on the download tab of the upload page (to the wok owner only!).

  3. CloudWok comes with a Log to monitor your Uploads. So in the details of any Wok you can see a log which "uploader" uploaded what file at what point in time. You can now also download the log into a CSV file.

    UPDATE: Subfolder feature now available

    Further ideas:
  4. Are you constrained to use one single URL? So in case there is a ways to group your uploaders you may just provide them a different URL. The files will be uploaded to individual folders.
    Remember you can create as many URLs as you like, so make use of that.
  5. Are you are using Dropbox? There is also a little trick on how to have different links to subfolders... for better structure of your folders.
  6. Create a "Dear Uploader Message" and let people send you a message when they completed their upload.
    With the "Dear Uploader Message" you could ask for some information on the upload, maybe also define some naming conventions etc. "Please add your name and a message to your uploads for me to be able to get back to you......"
  7. For metadata - this depends a little bit on your uploaders. Usually the pictures themselfes are enhanced with the relevant meta data on date of creation, exposure etc. for GPS location you would need to be lucky I guess. During the upload we do not edit any file. So any meta data in the original file will also be availble in the uploaded file. It's 100% the same file.
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