What may CloudWok do with the Cloud permissions I granted?

During your registration you grated us permission to

"CloudWok would like access to its own folder, Apps › CloudWok, inside your Dropbox."

"Have offline access"
"Read and write all files and folders"


First – those permissions are only used for the programming logic to work. So it will always be the system creating a folder or accessing your files. Individual persons do not have any chance to access your Cloud!


Second – how exactly are the permissions uses?

Folder Creation:
Triggered manually by your creating a new CloudWok or when changing the target folder of a Wok.

Folder renaming:
Not possible

Folder deletion:
Not possible

Derive folder structure:
Not possible

File creation:
Triggered by any upload from the upload page

Renaming files:
Not possible

Changing files:
Not possible

Delete files:
Only possible right after an upload in case the user sees that she/he just uploaded a wrong file. Not deletion possible after an upload session is closed.

Read/download files:
Via the download tab on the upload site (in case you activated this). This only applies for the files available in the linked folder in your Cloud. No other files in your Cloud may be accessed.

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