How to work with Amazon S3 Woks?

The difference between Dropbox/Google Drive and Amazon's S3 is, that we may utilize the Dropbox/Google user management to create your account in first place. For Amazon this is not available, therefore CloudWok needs to take over the entire user management.

So the first step in case you want to work with Amazon S3 is to create a user by registering to CloudWok. In case you already connected with Dropbox oder Drive you have a user already and you may skip this step. For everyone who only wants to work with Amazon:

Go to and either click on "S3 Bucket" or "Sign In"

For both cases you will reach the "Registration" screen on which you again select "S3"

You will be directed to the registration form in which you need to enter your user data

After Clicking "Register" your user is created. You will be redirected to the Your CloudWok overview.


Authorizations remark:
In order to ensure your S3 user to have sufficient permissions, we recomment to give your S3 user "PowerUserAccess". We are planning to narrow this down in future but Power User rights are the save option for now.


As your new user does not yet have any connected cloud storages, the second step is to connect your Amazon S3 account with your profile. Therefore access the "Connected Cloud Storages" tab. Select "Amazon S3" to start the linking process.

A dialogue is asking for your Amazon S3 Token. Enter the Access and Secret Key. To complete the linking process click "+Add".

Note: There is currently no error message displayed for wrong credentials. This will follow soon. In case wrong details were entered no storage is connected and you will just be taken to the connected cloud storages overview.

After a successfull connection to Amazon S3 is established your Amazon S3 account is added to the list of active connection.


You can now start creating Woks linking to your Amazon S3 buckets.

The process of creating, sharing and receiving data with S3 Woks is just the same as for any other connected cloud (check out our related FAQ).




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