How to share a custom message with my uploaders?

Please note that this feature is available only for subscribers of a premium plan.


Using the "Dear Uploader" function you may create an share a message with your uploaders.

To create /edit the message access the "Customize" Menu of your Wok:


This message will be displayed to all users accessing the upload page:


Another example with a picture:


For the text markups are activated. This means you gain some freedom in creating your personal text (explaing the buttons from left to right):

Bold - Bold text

Italics - Typesetting in italics

H - Should be a bigger header (currently defined as h3 therefore a little smaller than the normal text though)

Link - Add a link to your text

Picture - Place a picture in the text (by an URL - so the picture must be available online somewhere)

Unnumbered List - A bulleted list

Ordered List - A numbered list

</> - You can add some html code in here

" - Add a Quote


Here is an example of an upload page where all that is used.


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