How to check whats happening on my upload page (Logs)?

You own a CloudWok and you would like to keep track on how often your Upload page was accessed, which files where uploaded when and by whom? Just access the details of your Wok and access the "Logs".

So may easily follow current events related to each Wok.



1. The log now shows detailed information on the progress of an upload.

  • The attempt will indicate someone trying to upload a file
  • An Upload completed is shown once a file is completely uploaded by a user and accepted by our servers.
    Thats when you'll receive the your EMail on the upload
  • After the file reached our servers we'll transmit it to your cloud storage. As soon as it is places in your cloud the success message is displayed.

2. You can now also download the Log into a CSV file. Simply click the "Download CSV" button

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