How to connect (several / different) Cloud services to my account?

You may connect as many Cloud storages as you like to your account (check on current list of available providers). Access your profile and go the the "Your Cloud Storages" tab.

Here you see all your connected storages.

In order to add an additional storage just click on the service. You will be asked to grant CloudWok permission to manage folders in the newly added service.

The more storages you connect the more flexible you get in creating Woks for different storages. Just pick your prefered storage at the time of creating a new CloudWok.

In case there is a problem with Woks linked to a certain service, you can always test the conncetion by using the "Test token" button. "Refresh" the connection in case the test failed.


For sure you can always disconnect a storage. Don't worry to do this by mistake, we keep the storage related links for some weeks so you can re-connect and still find your old Woks.

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