Payment Methods

If you were using Entouragebox you may have purchased a priority URL before. The two payment mehtods available at Entouragebox were Paypal and Google Wallet.


Why are we no more offering:

Google Wallet - they stopped their service so they are no longer out there.

Paypal - this was a bit more of a difficult decision but at the end the services (especially the subscription support for some countries) did not match to what we want to offer to you. We would have liked to keep it as a payment option, maybe Paypal will enhance their service in future so that we can include it again.


CloudWok payment options:

We decided for Stripe  - that means basically payment by credit card.

Stripe is a service that handles the payments and they do have a very strong reputation considering security and acceptance throughout the web. So you can be sure that your payment and billing is handled by experienced specialist.

In addition paying by credit card is by far the most accepted way to pay on the internet. Stripe handles VISA, Mastercard and American Express. So hopefully that line-up includes your credit card(!!) and you are willing to accept this change. As described above, all credit card details you are providing are handled by a company that is doing this for a long time and most carefully. In case you are interested in further information please see


As we will constantly improve our service we will also frequently check on additional ways for payments. So we will gradually include other relevant payment options over time.

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