How to upgrade my plan?


You can upgrade your plan any time. E.g. when your quota is completely consumed or you are expecting a large amount of files soon.

Please make sure to have enough quota as once consumed no further uploads can be processed.


Simply upgrade to the new Wok plan by clicking "Upgrade Plan" on your CloudWok account page.

Payment Process

1. Complete your billing data

2. Add a vaild credit card

3. Check details and feel free to proceed with the payment

What I will be charged

Let's say, for example, that you have purchased a monthly Bronze Wok plan on June 1st and used the plan for one week. On June 15th (after half a month), you see that you have already used 900MB of your upload quota. Thats almost all your quota so before you run out of quota and nobody may upload anymore you decide to upgrade to a Silver Wok.

Your new subscription (Silver Wok) will then be a new subscription which will again be valid for a month and in this example expire on July 15th. But since you have already paid for a whole Bronze Wok month, you will be credited what you haven't used of your intial subscription (Bronze Wok). In the example case, 1/2 of your Bronze Wok payment will be credited to your account, since you have only used half your Bronze Wok month. 

In numbers:

Initial monthly Bronze Wok: 2€ (valid: 1st of June - 1st of July)
New monthly Silver Wok: 5€     (valid: 15th of June - 15th of July)
Credit of half Bronze Wok: 1€      (as you have only used the Bronze Wok for half the time)

Credits will be applied for on your next payment - so in the upper example the 1€ will be credited on the next monthly payment and you'll only be charged 4€.

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