What account/user details are stored?

Owner (CloudWok user account)

First thing - we do not store any uploaded files on our server. The uploads pass our servciers and as soon as the upload is completed no data will remain on our system.

As of your user data we just keep the basic data to operate our service in our database:

- Your account and subcription information (

- Your connections with their authorizations (

- Your Woks / Links and the related Logs (

No further user information is stored or monitored. 



You do not need an account to upload so we do not store any of your information.

In case you are asked to provide the uploader with your name etc. we store the relation of the uploaded file and your name in the log of a wok. This information will only be accessible to the owner of the wok. In case you do not leave a name the log will only show anonymous information.

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