Gadzooks! - I can’t upload files anymore!

We are sorry about that!!

Could you please quicky verify on the following things?

  1. Do you still have quota left - check on the Your CloudWoks overview?
    (In you've activated this - there may also me a quota limit on your wok)
    If not - please upgrade your subscription
  2. Is your connection still working (how to test the connection). 
    If not - please refresh your connection
    (Refresh your connection anyway. It does not harm and can only help)
  3. Is there still storage remaining in you cloud?
    If not - please free up some space in your cloud
  4. Are you potentially accessing our service through a proxy?
    If yes - you might want to allow uploads to CloudWok (check on your settings or - if existing - your IT department)
  5. Are you receiving a "browser outdated" message?
    If yes - please upgrade your browser to a current release


Once you managed to fix the situation (maybe by topping up your quota or refreshing your connection) here is a way to retry uploading the failed uploads.


If all that is not the case please let us know and we will help you to get you going.

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