How to upload files?

You want to upload files into your or some person's cloud? For sure you can - anyone can do this! You only need to have the persons CloudWok URL.


Please click on the link that was provided to you. The upload page will open on which you can select files for upload.

When accessing the an upload page for the first time you need to accept our Terms of Use for uploaders. Those are shorter than the ones for owners and basically ask you to act conform to data privacy regulations.

Now either select files for upload by using the "+ Add files..." button or zu drag and drop them into the gray area.

What types of files can be uploaded?


You may now start uploading the files. A progress bar provides information on the current status of your upload(s). Please so not leave the page during the upload.

For the case that the owner of the Wok enabled this feature, you may also (optionally) attach your name / contact / a personal message.

After a successful upload you will see all your files listed. You may individually delete them for the case that you accidentially uploaded a wrong file (click here to learn more). For all uploads the owner of the Wok receives an upload notification.

Many different uploaders may contribute their files to a project. For example there may be several people collecting the holiday pictures of your last trip.
For such a case you may also view all files that were already uploaded and download them in the "Download files" tab (files need to be set visible by the owner). Find a detailed description on downloading files here.

Every CloudWok also comes with an email address for upload into your cloud using emails. You can share this email address and all email attachments will be uploaded in the linked folder in your cloud.


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