How to download files?

Please note thet this is an optional feature
The feature is relying on the owner of the CloudWok to set the content of his folder visible for all uploaders. In case the owner has not made the content visible uploaders may not download other uploader's files.


On the upload page there is a possibility to download the current content of the owners cloud storage folder.

So once everyone has finished their uploads also the uploaders may download all shared files. They can do this at any moment in time, always the current folder content is downloaded. This is very useful in case you want to share files, like the pictures all of you too during the last trip you went on together, between many people.

When using a Subfolder Rule
In case the owner of a wok activated the feature to have uploaders files to be uploaded into separate subfolders, the download area will also show those subfolders (manually created subfolders are shown as well). Visitors of the page will be able to access and browse through these folders as well.

For Facebook Woks:
In order to comply with Facebook security standards we would not like to allow everybody having access to the upload page to be able to download content from a Facebook album. The sharing settings of a shared Facebook album will allow all entitled users to view the uploaded pictures directly on the Facebook page.

For the owner:
You have the possibility to deactivate this feature in your CloudWok settings (premium feature). For cases, like when the link is a public link on your website, obviously you may not want to allow everyone to access all your uploaded files.

The download tab will always remain visible for you as the owner in order to be able to quickly verify on the uploaded files. In case the download tab is deactivated for all other uploaders it will look like:

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