How to invite others to upload into my Cloud?

Every CloudWok you create comes with a set of links. All of them can be found in Your CloudWoks in the “Share” area of the individual Wok's details.

You can copy them from there and send them to everyone you want to upload files or share them directly on your social network.

  • Regular URL: The normal CloudWok link that provides access to the upload page for your cloud storage.
  • Whitelabel URL: Leads to an upload page that has no CloudWok logo on it. You may soon customize this page to your own look and feel. Find a detailed description here.
  • QR Code: Printable/scanable code e.g. for quick access with your mobile phone. Find a detailed description here.
  • Email: As an alternative to an upload link you may share an email address. All attachments to that email-address will automatically be stored in your cloud storage. Find a detailed description here.
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