What is "quota" and how is it consumed?

The data transfer to your cloud storage consumes quota. So the amount of data transferred equals quota.

A subscription is similar to the data plan of your mobile phone. Accessing webpages is (usually) free, but your provider will charge you for the transferred data. What's also interesting to know is that "in the internet" it is quite cheap to store some files as the data just needs to be put on a hard drive in a certain data center. It's a lot more difficult and therefore comparatively much more expensive to transmit the data from one location through many servers all over the world to the destination.  

You can create as many CloudWoks as you like. Uploads to any of your CloudWoks consume your quota. In the Your CloudWok overview you can always see how much quota remains. You may also distribute and limit quota assigned to each individual CloudWok.

As CloudWok offers a pure data transfer service, the quota is our main focus. With any premium wok you may purchase additional monthly quota.

For the consumed quota always the previous 30 days are considered. The consumed quota is the sum of all uploads for an account within the last 30 days.

Please also note:
Once your quota is consumed you may not receive further uploads. So please consider upgrading to another plan in time.

We are currently implementing a notification feature to inform you as soon as you are about to run out of quota.



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