Where do I see the Entouragebox links on the CloudWok page?

When you do have a user you can just click:

This will show your EntourageBoxes and automatically set them visible in your account. So next time you visit CloudWok the EntourageBoxes are just visible automatically in your profile.

You may also change this setting manually:

After you registered access your user profile using the button with your name/email address in the upper right of our home screen.

In your user profile check on the Your Account details. In the personal settings you can activate your EntourageBoxes to be included in your profile.

EntourageBox activation:

 After you saved the setting Your EntourageBoxes are shown in the rightmost tab:


The last step now to get all your URLs displayed is to connect with Dropbox and/or Google Drive. The URLs and all data will then load automatically.

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