What is the major difference between CloudWok and Entrouagebox?

In general he hope CloudWok is just a next step for us and you can enjoy using the new service more than ever.

However here is a list of what CloudWok offers you more than EntourageBox:

  1. The user interface got a complete makeover. It should now be more inuitive to user and give you a lot more information than the EntouageBox site did.
    (Any feedback or recommendation on how to become even better just write us!)
  2. We collected so many requests for additional features when we were still running EntourageBox. Many of them found their way into CloudWok and we will not stop adding more.
  3. Quota is now managed per user no more per link. That means you have one subscription plan and you may create as many URLs (CloudWoks) as you like. The quota and premium features apply to all your CloudWoks, single URLs do no more need to be upgraded.
  4. We run CloudWok on larger and scalable server instances. Depening on from where you use CloudWok you are routed to our closest regional server. If one server or region is not availble you are directed to the next best alternative. So CloudWok runs faster and more reliable than Entouragebox.
  5. If there is a problem we provide you lots of answers in our new FAQ but you can also get in touch with us directly and we'll get back to you promptly.
  6. You can now also connect and receive uploads with and Facebook albums.
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