How to attach your name/contact/a personal message to your uploads?

Please note that this is an optional feature that requires to be activated by the owner
The feature is relying on the owner of the CloudWok to provide his email address. In case the owner has not provided his email address and activated this feature unfortunately there is no possibility to send a message.


As soon as at least one file is added on the upload page, the message area is shown automatically. Here the uploader is free to provide his

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • A Message

The Start Upload and Attach Message button will start the upload and send the message to the wok owner. The upload notification email for the owner includes all information provided by the uploader, so the name and email address as well as the message and the files uploaded by her/him.

Providing an email address will also allow the owner to get back to the uploader in case there are problems/questions etc.


Note for owners:

The message is sent to the email address you provided while creating the Wok / in the Wok settings. For every CloudWok you may enter a different email address. This gives you some flexibility as there may be cases where you do not want to receive messages or you want to receive messages with an alternative email account.

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