How to receive a notification of uploaded files?

For an successfully upload to one of your CloudWoks you will receive a notification.

Please note that notifications are sent once the file transfer into your cloud storage is confirmed by our backend servers. We also do aggregate messages to avoid sending too many emails. This means upload notifications will not be sent right after the uploading users successfully submitted her / his file but with a delay of about 5 - 10 minutes.

To give you some more flexibility you may specify an alternative notification email address for every CloudWok individually in the Settings of a Wok.


Many email provides allow you to create email aliases. Just enter "+something" in front of the "@". So is your regular email is "" just enter "".
The email will still be sent to your normal email account but you can now filter / sort / search for all messages with "+something". If you have many Woks and receive lots of confirmations (and also uploader messages are sent to this email address) this may help you not to loose track of everything going on.


If you do not want to receive any upload notifications just remove the email address from your wok details (screenshot above).

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