Why use CloudWok?

There are many ways on how to collect files from other people. Here are some problems assocoiated with collecting files and why CloudWok provides a straight forward solution:


Use your current Cloud Storage
You have are using some Cloud Storage already. So you don't want to have yet another location where the files get collected in.
With CloudWok you can use your existing Cloud Storage to collect files. We support several big cloud storage providers, more to come.


Anybody should be able to upload (no account should be required)
Most cloud storage provides allow you to create a shared folder. This is great to collagorate with people that are close to you. The Problem with shared folders are

  • You can only upload to a shared folder if you are a user in that Cloud. So sharing a folder you need to be sure anyone you want to invite already uses this Cloud.
  • Shared folders usually come with may privileges for the invited people. Maybe you would not want anyone to see / copy / delete the files in a shared folder. They should just send you a file.
  • Most people know how to work with shared folders. Still some don't. Does your great uncle know?
  • A shared folder will (mostly) copy the files of the shared folders to all participants. Do you want that? Wouldn't it be a waste of some people's cloud space if they should just send you some files?

CloudWok gives you an easy way to allow anyone to upload into your Cloud Storage. The just need to have a device with a browser and very fundamental computer knowledge (clicking a link + drag and drop).


As written above using shared folders will allow all participants to see (edit / delete) files. Sometimes they may just move a file by mistake.

When uploading with CloudWok the files will only be in your Cloud. You can decide who is allowed to see / download files.

For all data transfers we place a very high security responsibly on serivce.


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