How secure is CloudWok?

We do everything that is possible to handle your files always securely and inaccessible for anyone but you!

All files are directly processed and transferred from the uploader to your cloud storage. To ensure a smooth transfer we temporarily keep the file on our upload server until it is ecurely transferred into you cloud. Right after a successful transfer the file is removed from our server and no data on the upload file remains.

So there is not even the possibility for someone to get access of your files from our servers as after the upload we do not have them anymore. 

All transfers are handled using secure SSL connections. Every file is encrypted when the process starts on the uploaders browser window and only decrypted once it successfully reaches your cloud storage folder.

In order to transfer files in a swift and relivable fashion we built a scalable multi-regional infrastructure. That means if someone uploads files his upload is processed by a server which is as close to him as possible. In case there are may parallel uploads we instantly add more servers dealing with the uploads. And if one server or region fails you are just routed to the next best location.

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