How does CloudWok work?

CloudWok accesses your cloud storage and stores files uploaded from your friends. Therefore, you need to grant CloudWok permission for OAuth access to a cloud storage service. Credentials sent from your cloud storage provider are stored in our database to upload files until you revoke access or delete an EntourageBox URL.

Given your permission we can accept uploads from your friends under the URL you generated and shared with them. Any uploaded file is stored in a temporary secure queue for uploading. A worker accesses the queued upload tasks (priority uploads first) and moves the file from the secured queue to your cloud storage. If everything went well we will unqueue the task and make sure the file is not available in our temporary queue. In case something went wrong during upload CloudWok will retry 4 more times until it will eventually abort the upload request and file transfer.

We support multiple upload services and the process is very much the same for each of those services.

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