Trollop! - My files do not show up in the target folder!

Sorry about the delay. After you uploaded the file it is queued and then put into your cloud storage.


If you receive upload notifications and you cannot find the files in your cloud storage - Here is a list of steps you may check on right away to resolve the problem quickly.


The general rule that applies here: Priority Woks work fast - they should work instantly. For the Free Wok a long file queue may cause a delay.

There are two things to make sure of:

1. Check the Log for a successful upload - For all files that were successfully uploaded the log will show some information as well as a dedicated "Success" message (how to use the log)
For failed uploads there is a possibility to Retry uploading them.

2. Make sure you're checking on the right place - From the "Your CloudWok" overview or the "Overview" screen of the wok details you may direcly access the target folder of your Cloud to where the files where successfully uploaded to:

Your CloudWoks:

Wok details:



Fair enough but are not getting uploaded or do not show up in that folder! Help me!!

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